The very first recipient of a Guardian Monkey, and the one who came up with the name.

We here at the Guardian Monkey Project are doing our best to help raise awareness for those who struggle with Mental Health Monsters! (We don't like the term 'disorder,' so we prefer to call them what they really are...monsters.) Our goal is to help Stop The Stigma that is behind mental health monsters.


Not only do adults struggle with these monsters, but children as well, and that is where a large part of our personal focus lies. Showing our support to the children who fight those monsters on a daily basis, and of course their families.
Being a department of Heroes Betterment Inc., our main assistance is helping our service members, veterans, and their families.

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Guardian Monkey Project

100% of donations go into the organization. Our "staff" volunteer 100% of their time.
Most funds are used to purchase monkeys and shipping costs to send Guardians.

Are you a crafter? Do you know how to make a sock monkey? Do you have some spare time and want to help out our cause?
Get in touch with us! We're happy to take donated monkeys!

Everyone needs a little Guardian now and then to remind them to stay strong.
Our goal is to help raise awareness for Mental Health in both adults AND kids!