Foster A Pet

Thank you for wanting to save lives with Guardian Pets! Preparing for and acclimating to your first foster dog or cat is often the biggest challenge. Everyone in the household must be completely committed to this experience. As you care for more and different pets, the potential knowledge you will build about behavioral and vetting issues, adoption placements and matches, and rescue, in general, is immeasurable and empowering, but there may also be setbacks, frustrations, and possibly some destroyed items. We are looking for foster homes who are problem-solvers, kind, patient and committed to fostering on a recurring basis.  New foster homes should not be planning to adopt one of their first foster pet(s).

Please note that our foster home applications are processed differently than our adoption applications. If you are considering adoption, please complete our adoption application. 

If fostering with Guardian Pets sounds like a good match, please complete this application and start the process to join our team!

Our Foster Home Coordinator will be in touch with you within the next 2-3 weeks. Thank you in advance for your patience and for wanting to help!