If you think having a guardian would be an effective reminder to you or someone you love, that you are enough! You are NOT alone, and for you to keep fighting the monsters that seek to bring us down, please fill out the form below and we will send a guardian right away!


There is no age restriction. Whether a small child to an adult with kids (or grandkids) of their own, everyone... and we mean everyone needs a guardian once in a while.

Our guardians are typically a sock monkey stuffed animal, ranging in size from roughly 6-10 inches.
We can find other animals if preferred, such as dogs/cats/bears, but our main guardians are a sock monkey design.

They range in colors, and some are holiday themed. We tend to pick them up at stores like Walmart when we find them, or if we have a request and none on hand, we can/will order online.

**We work out of our home! And we have a variety of pets! (cats/dogs mostly)
PLEASE let us know if the person that will be receiving the guardian has an allergy to animals! If so, we will take extra precautions to help keep the pet hair/dander to a minimum. Even if this means ordering a brand new monkey and keeping it out of our home.
If we are not told of an allergy, please be aware that some stray dog/cat hairs may find their way stuck to the tape on the box, or inside the box. We do our best to keep the pets away, but as we all know, pet hair tends to find a way into/on everything at some point.

Preferred Guardian

If you have an APO/FPO address, and it won't accept it, please put the address in the message box.


Note: The picture does not have to include you. It can be a photo of just your guardian. This answer does not affect you receiving a guardian! We will still get your guardian in the mail and on its way to you within 3 business days. 

If you have a specific animal you would like, or a specific holiday/color you'd like us to try for, please let us know. We can not guarantee you will get your choice, but we will do our best.

Please be sure this is a valid e-mail as we will use it if we need to contact you.

Your message has been sent. Your guardian will be on it`s way soon! If you do not have your guardian, or hear from us, within 3 weeks, please contact us.