Aiden was born in March of 2008, in a central suburb of Minnesota. He is an active child who spends most of his time playing or watching sports, and playing with friends.

Since his dad is in the military, Aiden has lived in 5 different states (as of 2018) so far, but he holds true to his northern roots. He loves the snow, and his favorite sport by far is hockey, where he roots for his home state team, the Minnesota Wild.

Aiden has has his own mental health monster, but he doesn't let any of that hold him back! He loves setting his mind on a project and making sure to accomplish it, no matter the odds.

Born in May of 2012 on Fort Benning in Georgia, Adhamh (Adam) is a young boy with a love for life, family, learning! Whether it be playing games, watching his favorite shows or playing with his WWE action figures, he is always on the move! 

Adhamh has lived in 3 different states so far, but he is a true southern boy at heart! He can easily be spotted wearing his cowboy boots and a baseball cap while he plays in dirt & mud outside.


Though he enjoys most sports, hockey and wrestling are at the top of his list. Both boys spend a fair amount of time wrestling with each other or playing a high spirited game of knee hockey in their home in central Texas.


Our Beginnings:

In April of 2015, when Adhamh was just 2yrs old, he sent a few sock monkeys to one of our deployed service members in a care package from Heroes Betterment Inc.'s Care Package division - sending small toys in the boxes was common for him as it was what he loved spending his chore money on, but this was the first time he had sent his favorite type of small stuff animal - and found out that they loved them just as much as he did! When he sent a few more, he learned that some of the service members were 'fighting' over the sock monkeys. Adhamh has since been searching all over to find more of these "Guardian Monkeys", as his soldier called them.

Since sending his first sock monkey, he has learned that his soldier, as well as a couple others, have sent a "Guardian Monkey" back home to their little ones, to watch over them while their service member mommy or daddy is deployed. Adhamh, who now has the help of his big brother Aiden, would love nothing more than to send more Guardian Monkeys to his heroes! The boys have decided that not only do our deployed need a guardian, but those at home as well.

22+ Veterans take their own lives every day. This was their way of trying to help stop this epidemic. 


As the time has gone on, the boys have expanded their desire of raising awareness.

Not only do they want to bring light to the 22+ Veterans a day, but they want to raise awareness for ALL those that struggle with mental health monsters.

From children to adults, the multiple monsters that are Mental Health disorders know no boundaries, and these two boys want to show the world, that with a Guardian on your side, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!